EFIlive Tuning Software

Efilive tuning software allows you to be in control of your vehicles engine computer.

It is a very powerful tool that is both a tuning suite and a scan tool for your GM or Cummins car or truck. It allows you to modify the base maps that are on the vehicle and read or write them back to the stock ecm. It covers both light duty on road cars and trucks and also some heavy duty vehicles like semi trucks and anything that is using a Cummins engine.

We personally offer custom maps for the software if customers need more tables.

Scan tool that comes free with the hardware is amazing and is available for download for free from the efilive website.

  • Download the latest version here
  • Supported Vehicle list for the EFILive software can be found here

Types of classes available

  1. Cax building
  2. General gas and diesel tuning
  3. Advanced gas and diesel tuning
  4. Binary editing
  5. Cpu assembly
  6. Reverse engineering
  7. ECM hacking/unlocking
  8. Data extraction
  9. BDM reworking
  10. Adding tables to software
  11. Finding and identifying tables
  12. Converting files to allow EFILive to open them

EFILive V2

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